A Different Type of Present This Christmas

Christmas is only a matter of weeks away and I’m sure preparations are in full swing to make it a great day. Customers are out spending their hard earned cash on presents for their loved ones and this is something that is set to break records again this year with many highstreet shops recording record profits already.

A considerable amount of money is spent on making Christmas a happy and pleasurable day for everyone but sometimes you wish you would have spent it on something else. Some people are hard to buy for especially as they get older as the do not tend to give any hints where as younger children tend to let their parents and relatives know what they want. Letter to Santa and wish lists let there parents know what they have in mind but as we get older we don’t often know what we want for Christmas.

The question is why spend lots of money on presents that are going to be used once or twice then put to the back of the cupboard never to see the light of day again? We are all trying to save some money at the moment but Christmas is a time when we treat ourselves. There are other options that you can spend your hard earned cash on such as taking your family on a trip.

Travelling abroad may not be possible because of the cost of flights, poor exchange rate and additional expenses whilst there. However, there is plenty to do here in the UK that will allow your money to go further and give you a good, lasting memory of Christmas 2009. Travelling with the family at Christmas can be fantastic as it takes the pressure off you as there is little or no cooking to do and you can let other people worry about tidying up and cooking the traditional Christmas dinner.

There are some great dining options in between Christmas day that you can enjoy. All the food is made to the highest quality whilst remaining tasty. The food is healthy and nutritious which is what all parents want to hear given the quality of food at some destinations when you go on holiday. As well as great food there are all the traditional Christmas themed events such as carol singing, the panto and the magic grotto where the kids can meet Santa.

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