Add A Special K.I.S.S To Your Next Health Presentation

Many people automatically think that KISS is a common mnemonic (acronym) for Keep It Simple Stupid. But not so in this article.. Consider the following mnemonic the next time you deliver a health presentation.

K- Keep them awake and alive

How many health presentations you know have been killed in the first five minutes. Although the presentation may be about prevention, recovery or medical intervention? The eyes of the audience get blurry and less and less of the important health message is absorbed.
You can keep your audience alive by including more transitions in your presentation. For example, the same droning PowerPoint presentation can lull your audience into a deep coma. So try something different.


Make transitions from your slides to a story, discussion or question before returning to the slide show. For example, if you have 100 slides stop the show and inject something else about every 6-10 minutes.
SUPER POWER NOTE: Use the B key to blackout the screen if the slide show is done in a lighted room. And use the W key to whiteout the screen if done in a dark room. When you want to resume the show just press the key again.

I-Involve the audience

Use interactive techniques like questions, or improv role-plays, dance, songs, plus more.

For example, a workshop on TB. HIV, Hepatitis for a community teen group can make an impact when a they are asked to do a role play illustrating someone who is gossiping about someone they know with the disease. If using the participants from the audience it could yield lots of discussion. Do not forget about the simple power behind a good discussion for retaining information.

S-Share a story

A dramatic skit prepared by the participants (If a long program) can bring the message home and talked about for months. Or you could tell a case study in a story format.

S-Show props and pictures

Suppose you showed a picture of e-coli on a poster board. Or show an unwashed hand with bacteria using a special light. The possibilities are unlimited. Just remember, ,if you want them to know then you must show.

Consider these suggestions before your next date with a group that is waiting for your unique and powerful health message.

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