Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader – Is it a Good Holiday Present?

How do you know what makes a great present for someone for Christmas? Everybody that wants to do the gift thing wants the gift to be received well right? You want the person getting the gift to feel the effort you put into getting it for them, you want them to understand just exactly what it was that was required from you to get this gift to them.

Well that’s all fine and dandy but in reality that’s not necessarily going to happen unless you are talking about your spouse. Your husband or wife will most likely understand what it took for you to get the gift including the thoughtfulness of the original idea itself.

What do you buy for someone that you work with, how about someone that works for you. Picking the right gift without giving the wrong impression can sometimes be tough, especially if your a man buying for a women. In this day and age it seems you have to be careful not to offend anyone with your choice of gift and you for sure don’t want to give the wrong idea because of what you decided to give.

Giving a gift that says you respect them and think they are intelligent always goes over well. You also have to consider the amount of money you spend as spending too much will also give the wrong idea.

This year there is one thing that fits nicely into the basic criteria of giving without over giving, let the person know you respect them and think they are intelligent without giving any under tones and having a chance of someone reading between the lines and thinking something that isn’t true.

If you have a few bucks to spend on someone that you appreciate this year and want to give something that he or she will like without giving the wrong idea than the Amazon Kindle eBook Reader might be right for you.

For anyone that likes to read, the Kindle eBook Reader could be the best present they have ever received, its small and very portable and built well so its no short term piece of junk. Its something you will feel good giving, not only is it very popular, but as a reader they might have already thought of it or even wished someone close to them was thinking of getting them one. They really are very cool!

I purchased a Kindle 2 and I use it almost everyday, my favorite time to use it is in the evening after things settle down for the day. If I feel like getting a new book to read on my eBook Reader it is as easy as a couple of clicks, I don’t even have to plug into anything to do it. Totally wireless, books in less than 60 seconds!

With about 500,000 books available for instant download to the Kindle eBook reader and more available everyday, half the price or less than the printed version, always having a good book with you when you travel or have to wait somewhere, no worries about books stacking up after you read them, its hard not to like the Kindle.

At around $200 the Kindle eBook reader is more than what a lot of people might want to spend, but for that person you want to buy something nice for, to thank them for their year of hard work, not give them the wrong idea or impression, than the Amazon Kindle eBook Reader may be the perfect gift this year!

I think my Kindle is the best thing I’ve got in many years and I believe under the right circumstances it makes the perfect holiday gift.

Its hard to find the right gift many times and being busy all the time its also hard to have the time to do the research to figure out what you want to give, how much to spend and how not to get in trouble giving the wrong thing.

I believe the Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader makes the perfect gift for someone that wants to spend a few bucks and not get into trouble by giving the wrong gift by either the gift receiver, or your spouse.

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