Christmas Present Ideas – Give A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Once again Christmas is just around the corner. It seems that it gets here faster each year – having gone from taking absolutely forever when I was a child, to seemingly arriving five minutes after the last one is over these days!

Of course, along with the impending celebration and holidays, comes the dilemma of what to buy that special someone. We all know that Christmas present ideas can be hard to come up with year after year!

I know that for myself, when I’m trying to think of Christmas gift ideas and deciding what to buy for someone that I care about, I want to get something that matters. Not just some socks, undies or perfume, but something that the person that I’m buying for will really appreciate. I want to buy them something that they’ll treasure. Something that they’ll thank me for, and in particular, a gift that will have a positive influence on their life in some way.

That last ideal, for me, is the most important. I’m very conscious these days of not just spending money for the sake of spending money or buying just for the sake of buying. I want to make a difference. To leave a positive influence on the people I care about and on the planet.

One of my favorite Xmas gift ideas in recent years has been books. Not simply novels, but books that can make a difference and will (hopefully) make the recipients life better in some way. Books that cater to their hobbies, interests or needs.

Examples of recent books that I’ve given as Xmas gifts have been recipe books, personal development and motivational books, books of quotes and positive affirmations, art and poetry. Books that are educational and inspirational!

Books have the ability to change a persons life. On the subject of our potential growth as an individual, a very wise man once said that ‘we will be the same person in ten years time as we are today – apart from the people we meet and the books we read’.

That is very true because it is these two things that have the ability to educate, inspire and change our thinking, our outlook and ultimately our actions. So, books can make wonderful Xmas gift ideas.

Now, however there is something better. Portable eBook readers such as the Amazon Kindle! These can allow the owner access to thousands of books, all available on one device. Thousands of books that can be carried around in a device that can be smaller and lighter than a small paperback book.

Possibly the best of these portable eBook readers, and the original ereader, is the Amazon Kindle. It has to be one of the best Christmas present ideas this year as Amazon have just released their newest models and they’re amazing! Small, lightweight, incredibly user friendly, with a fantastic screen and the capacity to store up to 3,500 books on one little device! And the new Kindle Fire takes it even further with movies, games and TV on a stunning 7 inch color screen.

Because the Kindle is Amazon’s product and Amazon is first and foremost a book store, Kindle owners have access to 1.8 million free copyright expired books, as well as millions of the most popular books on the market and the Kindle editions are much less expensive than hard copy books with 800,000 of them under $9.99 in price.

These portable eBook readers really are a gift that keeps on giving, providing continuous entertainment, knowledge, inspiration and education.

If you’re looking for cool Christmas gifts or unusual Christmas gift ideas, or in fact gifts at any time of the year for any occasion, you’ll be hard pressed to beat the Amazon Kindle. The new Kindle is well priced and it’s definitely on my Xmas list!

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