How to Organise a Fab Birthday Present for Your Man this Year

It’s that time of the year to buy your beau a birthday present and whilst hours spent perusing the isles of department stores usually seems like so much fun when it’s getting a present for him the fun seems to stop for some reason. You want to connect how special he is to you but not go overboard. You want the present to be fun and exciting but it needs to be a bit memorable …Ok, take a deep breathe and relax. In a few minutes you’ll be equipped with enough ideas to make sure that you and your gift will be the only thing on his mind this year.

Practical presents can have their place, but a pair of socks or pack of screwdrivers is unlikely to pack a punch. Similarly the Bridget Jones DVD boxset and a fab mulberry handbag [that happens to be on special offer] is unlikely to be his cup of tea either, so where to begin?

When it comes to birthday presents it’s a good idea to avoid buying something that you may give at another time of year. Try to make it memorable and try to make it special so stay away from clich├ęs. Give him something that will appeal to his interests, personality, likes, dislikes, hobbies and passions. Think about some recent conversations with him. He may have even tried to drop some hints? But then again being a man …maybe not.

You give yourself the best chance of getting a great gift by using your time wisely and having a range of options. One way you can do this is to take a peak at websites that list fun and interesting gifts for men and have a range of ideas all under one roof. offers a wide range of gifts just for him and by shopping online you can avoid trawling through the men’s departments, leaving you more time to buy things for yourself! By using a website you can do everything from the comfort of your own home by searching and buying the present online. You can do this by category or by ‘gift experiences’. If you already know what you want to buy, you can do this by occasion or simply by selecting ‘for him’.

Remember you are looking to buy a gift for him, so try and avoid getting distracted by all the girls gifts for now. A day out at a beauty spa or make over experience may sound great to you – but its unlikely to be his cup of tea.

Think about what would suit his personality best. Is he artistic, adventurous, an F1 fan, into planes or gadget mad? Once you have this sorted out you can choose from a variety of unique gift experiences for your significant other.

Here are 5 popular favourites that can make a great birthday gift for him:

For big boys toys you can’t them much bigger than this – treat him to his very own tank driving experience. He’ll be in the driving seat of a MBT 55 ton tank, an Abbot SPG, an Armoured Personnel Carrier and Quad Bikes on this power-packed tank driving experience. Like a kid in a candy store he can experience all the fun things about being in the army without the danger. What more could any man want? You get a full safety briefing and tuition. Then experience driving these vehicles in the company of friendly and qualified ex-army instructors – as you can imagine they also have some interesting stories to tell too.

Or is he a speed freak and F1 mad? Then you may want to treat to him to his very own supercar experience. Whether he’s a fan of Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin or Lamborghini there’s a fantastic supercar experience to suit. You can book an individual car if he has his favourite, or chose a ‘supercar medley’ where he gets to drive a range of hi-end cars.

A typical programme includes tea/ coffee on arrival and a welcome registration followed by a safety and technique briefing. Then there will be a familiarisation of the track followed by the actual drive typically followed by a white-knuckle high-speed passenger ride in a performance vehicle. This is a truly memorable experience for any fan of cars. The only problem you will have after giving him this gift is getting him to stop him telling everyone about it!

If being up in the air is his thing then a 30-minute aerobatic lesson will sweep him off his feet. He can take the controls of a modern light aircraft and will be put through his paces by a highly experienced instructor. Experiencing break neck turns and drops – this experience is not for the faint hearted!

Most men love a good curry and these days most men like to think they can cook a good curry too. Unfortunately this is not always the case! So why not treat him to a one on one ‘Learn to cook a curry experience’. He will be taught the secrets of Indian cookery and guided to create a mouth-watering meal for the both of you which you takeaway with you after the experience. So you can give him a present with a difference, enhance his culinary skills and get a meal for two at the same time. Result!

Finally some guys are just gadget mad and never seem to grow up – perhaps this is why some of us girls love them right? Anyway this year how about giving him what your gadget mad beau secretly has pined after for years, his very own remote control big boys toy. They come in all shapes and sizes [a bit like our men] including remote control planes, cars and helicopters. You can watch him drift into a state of childlike ecstasy as he takes the controls and doesn’t let go.

With gifts such as these you have no excuses not to sweep him off his feet this year!

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