Presenting Your Property to Attract Tenants and Let!

The 3 B’s to work to when you are getting your property ready to rent will make sure you maximize the potential of your property to attract the right tenants and let quickly.


No matter the size of your property you need to present every room to look as spacious as possible. First remove all clutter, excessive furniture and any personal photos and ornaments off the walls. Tenants need to visualize themselves and their belongings in the space without thinking too hard.

In most properties decent sized rooms are made to look smaller because of too much furniture. Even if you intend to rent the property furnished you don’t need too many pieces just the basics will do. The layout of a room is all about creating an illusion of space.


Make sure the windows are clean and have light colored curtains/blinds to maximize the amount of light shining through the property. Leave the curtain and windows open (especially if you have nice views) during viewings so the property appears airy but don’t forget to close them when you are done!

People naturally prefer discrete colouring. If the property is to be painted light tones such as beige, jasmine white (not white as it will look too clinical) are best.

The property must be kept clean so it looks bright and habitable. It is important to make sure that it looks its best so get your friends and family round to help you give it a good scrub from top to bottom.


Check out the local competition by looking at the internal photos of similar properties on the market on various websites. You need to know what other properties on the market look like and how they are presented as tenants will be viewing these houses and comparing before making their decision of which property to take.

To make your property stand out from the one next door you need to know what you are up against and then just make a few minor adjustments and of course do some cleaning!


Create an ‘X’ factor for your property. I use the word create because not every property will naturally possess one. For example if you are fortunate to have beautiful views and gardens, make sure the windows are clean and blinds/patio doors open.

If you don’t have any natural ‘X’ factors then look at the following points to create one:

Purchase simple but different looking light fittings and fixtures

Paint one wall of a good sized room a different color to create a warm focal point and

Put some vases with fresh flowers on the fire place or window sill

Use rugs, floor mats and key pieces of furniture to break up dead space and use them to show how the room can be divided up for different functions

Paint your front door a warm shade of ‘red’ – it will look inviting and give your property a point of difference to be remembered


Bathrooms and kitchens are usually the most important to a tenant. Bathrooms must have white suites (not pea green!) and be kept clean at all times. Kitchens well fitted, neutrally decorated, well laid out and have plenty of storage space in relation to its size.

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